Session Descriptions / Presentations

Peer-to-Peer Roundtables

Peer-to-Peer Roundtables are an opportunity for supplier-partners to exchange knowledge and views on six topics:

  • Real estate/Appraisal
  • Household Goods
  • Relocation Tax
  • Temporary Housing
  • Destination Services
  • Mortgage

These mini-sessions are limited to 15 minutes each to encourage lively discussion. The Roundtable session will also include general information on the Conference overall and the sessions participants will want to attend for more in-depth discussion of these and other topics.


John Merriweather, Go Destination


Brad Laspe, VIP St. Louis
Ralph Burkley, Chase
Perry A. Johnson, Federal Allied Van Lines
Craig Anderson, AECC Mobility
Bill French, William French
Mike Atkins, Janet McAfee

Breakout Session: RFPs: Taking the Mystery out of the Process

The RFP process is an integral part of our relocation industry but sometimes the more we do, the more mysterious they become.  How do we design the best answer, how do we get the attention of our Client, how do we creatively structure the best pricing or how is the data analyzed once it’s received by the Client or Procurement?  These are some of the topics that our panel will discuss during our session. 


Pam Jacknick, NEI


Don Zundel, MilliporeSigma
Kevin Purdy, BDS Supplier Management

Breakout Session: Successful Business Cases in Mobility

In this session, our panel will review successful business cases for both domestic and global mobility programs, specifically addressing what made a good business case, the structure and data that were involved and the metrics that define success. 


Frederick Schmitz, BGRS


Isabell Polotzek, Allianz
Sheri Byrd, Nestle Purina

2018.PowerPoint - Business case 4-9-18.pdf

Breakout Session: Navigating Business Travel in 2018: Tips and Tools from the Experts

In this breakout session, we will discuss key challenges for business travelers and the mobility managers who are responsible for them. The focus will be on increasing transparency and control and mitigating risk. Topics will include:

  • Duty of Care concepts
  • Risks including caution areas, health risks, global nomads, and contingent workers
  • Policy/program structure
  • Communication
  • Tools available in the marketplace


    Sandy McKinney, Weichert Workforce Mobility


    Stephanie Lewin, Berry, Appleman & Leiden LLP
    Susan Myers, Altair Global

    Latchi Delchev, Boeing Global Mobility

    MRC - Business Traveler .pdf

    All-Conference Session: Talent Management and Mobility Trends

    Talent Mobility is uniquely positioned to assist organizations realize the business imperative of global talent development and deployment. The next generation of competent global mobility leaders will ensure the sustainability of their organization’s success in the global marketplace. Join this session to hear panelists discuss how mobility can be a modern solution and partner to Talent Management teams within their organizations.


    Frederick Schmitz, BGRS
    Brad Shepard, Cartus


    Christy Rees, Caterpillar
    Bridgette Walsh, Monsanto

    Talent Management MRC 2018 Final.pdf

    Breakout Session: 2018 Tax Reform Impact on International & Domestic Mobility

    In this session, we will discuss the 2017 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act and its impact on domestic and global talent mobility. The session will include a variety of views from service providers and corporate mobility professionals who move employees domestically and internationally. 


    Diana Greco, KPMG


    Bojan Balaban, ABInBev

    Stacie B. Durnil, Energizer

    MRC Impact of Tax Reform on Global Mobility.pdf

    Breakout Session: Enhancing the Family Experience

    An in-depth discussion with Karen Kraus of Monsanto and Stephanie Hancock of NEI regarding what steps organizations and their RMC partners can take to ensure the move goes well and the family will be willing to relocate again.


    Erica Oldani, Impact Group


    Karen Kraus, Monsanto
    Stephanie Hancock, NEI

    All-Conference Session: Disruption, Innovation and Emerging Leaders

    This session will focus on the changing demographics of the mobility industry and across the workforce as a whole.  We will dial in on the “disruptive” behaviors and innovative ideas that are forging a new path, as well as those innovations we would like to see happen.


    Peggy Smith, Worldwide ERC


    Kathryn McCallister, Caterpillar
    Stewart McCardle, Weichert Workforce Management

    Matt Tobel, Suite Home Chicago

    Ben Good, UniGroup Worldwide

    Disruption Innovation MRC 2018.pdf


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