Keynote Speaker: Dr. Michelle Rozen

As an expert on motivation and how it really works in the human mind, Dr. Michelle Rozen has devoted her career to teaching individuals, teams and organizations how to motivate themselves and others, increase engagement and address the human factor in every situation in the most effective, meaningful and growth oriented manner. Thousands of leaders, teams and individuals have benefited from Dr. Rozen's insights and guidance in maximizing their potential while managing relationships, situations and challenges. Dr. Rozen finds an opportunity for growth in every challenge and turns it into a ladder toward growth.

Becoming Unstoppable: How to Motivate Yourself and Others

We all talk about motivation. How does motivation actually work in our minds? What can we do to keep ourselves and others motivated? Is there a secret to helping others stay focused and engaged?  The answer is: Top cutting edge scientific knowledge paired with practical, real-life applications. And, delivered in a light, humor based atmosphere.

In this experience, Dr. Rozen explains how motivation works in the human mind. She breaks down what motivates us, how to turn our engine on, and how to motivate others in a meaningful and powerful way.

Conference attendees will not only go through an entertaining and captivating experience, but will leave will real, science-based tools that will completely transform the way they operate on a daily basis.


You’ll learn to:

  • Master the 0-10 Rule for identifying your goals
  • Identify- and crush- potential obstacles to growth and success
  • Master the GROW model for powerful growth through obstacles and challenges
  • Gain powerful insights into the dynamics of purpose, motivation and growth in the workplace and in our personal lives


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